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DIN, Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V., is the interface to national, European and most importantly to international standard organisations. DEK e.V. appoints members to the working committee NA 062-05-11 AA “Farbechtheit von Textilien - Deutsch Echtheitkommission DEK e.V.” which corresponds to the work of the ISO committee, ISO/38/SC 1 and its working groups. That means that the work of the international subcommittees is mirrored to a national level. In this way the members of DEK are provided with all the important information and documentation. Further, DIN can appoint the members of DEK on the working groups as experts or delegates to the international subcommittees. This allows an active cooperation on standardisation projects of ISO on the theme of colour fastness of textiles.

Appointed committee members of DIN receive ideas for new projects, provide comments on new standards and, naturally, receive proposals for new standards which are then forwarded to the Technical Committee of the CEN/ISO. The preparation of manuscripts such as the formulation and exact legal correspondence of the German translations of the EN or EN ISO standards is part of the duties of DIN. A further function is to provide advice to its members regarding standards. Currently DIN standards of NA 062-05-11 AA are under consideration. Of these, 6 are purely national standards. The remainder are the 81 parts of the ISO 105 series on Colour Fastness Testing of Textiles. On top of this comes the consideration of these standard series at the international level.

This means a very high work load for both the members of DEK, as well as for the officials of DIN. Through intensive cooperation between DEK and DIN, a positive influence on the contents of the standards for colour fastness testing for textiles can be made.


Text: Dipl. Ing. (FH) Martin Sengebusch, DIN, Projekt- und Gremienbetreuer, 2010

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