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DEK GmbH- Deutsche Echtheitskommission GmbH


DEK GmbH was founded in 2008. In 2010 DEK GmbH was split from DEK e.V. as a separate commercial entity.

DEK GmbH ensures the continued availability of the necessary auxiliary products for testing the colour fastness of textiles according to DIN EN ISO-105/ISO-105 standards.

The above named products are available through Beuth Verlag GmbH/ Berlin and TESTEX Prüftextilien/Bad Münstereifel (see Sale).



Produktflyer Lichtechtheitsprüfung

Compliance of the grey scale with the standard as per ISO 105-A02 and A03


Produktflyer Lichtechtheitsprüfung

Information on using standard reference materials of the
German Colour Fastness Committee for testing color fastness


Produktflyer Lichtechtheitsprüfung

Important information to carry out
ISO 105/DIN EN ISO 105-B series tests
for Colour Fastness to Light and Weathering
using standard reference materials of the
German Colour Fastness Committee - DEK.







Deutsche Echtheits-kommission - DEK e.V. & GmbH

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April 2019

Lithium hypochlorite is no longer available

Despite intensive efforts, we have failed to re-source lithium hypochlorite on the world market. We regret this and ask for your understanding that we therefore had to remove lithium hypochlorite from our product portfolio.


October 2010

The grey scales are being new produced and are available in all versions.


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