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Deutsche Echtheitskommission
German Colour Fastness Committee

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Substitution of Sodium perborate by Sodium percarbonate in colour fastness testing of textiles


Standardized production of auxiliary products for colour fastness tests according to ISO 105 series

Due to high demand DEK had to synthesize new quantities of some of our colour fastness auxiliary materials.

Now we have good stocks of the Blue Wool References
1 – 8
and of the Grey Scale for Carpets.

All the newly synthesized products have been tested by accredited institutions and meet the requirements of ISO 105 and DIN EN ISO 105 series standards. All the materials for the testing of colour fastness of textiles from our stock are supplied with appropriate certification.

For standardized testing of colour fastness according to ISO 105 and DIN EN ISO 105 series the use of auxiliary products supplied by DEK can be guaranteed that objective testing of coloured textiles will stand up to any comparison.





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